What is the Guru Gita?

Discover new dimensions to the Guru through verses sung by Lord Shiva

The Guru Gita is a profound conversation between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati on the mystical nature and role of a Guru in one’s life. This ancient scripture is a homage to the learned masters and explores the sacred guru-shishya relationship amongst others.

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Once Lord Shiva was sharing the Supreme Truth with some sages. As the sages bowed down to him, Lord Shiva bowed down to someone else. Goddess Parvati was perplexed by seeing this and asked Lord Shiva whom he had bowed down to.

The Lord informed her that he was bowing down to the Guru, thus further piquing her interest. She urged him to elaborate on the role and nature of a Guru for the benefit of all humanity. Lord Shiva honored her request by expounding on the multifaceted Guru through verses that came to be known as the Guru Gita. Written by the great sage, Ved Vyasa, the Guru Gita is a part of the epic Skanda Purana.

The wisdom of the Guru Gita invokes and strengthens love and devotion in a spiritual seeker. It also inspires every seeker to become like the learned masters by realizing the inner light that exists in everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Guru Gita?

A: Guru Gita is a discourse between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati where the former expounds on the nature and role of a Guru in a seeker’s life. Authored by the great sage, Ved Vyasa, Guru Gita is a part of the epic Skanda Purana.

Q: Do I need to have prior knowledge of the Guru Gita or the Skanda Purana?

A: No. This is a beginner’s course that can be attended by anyone.

Q: What are the benefits of listening to or reading the Guru Gita?

A: The wisdom of Guru Gita invokes and strengthens the faith and devotion in the spiritual seeker for his/her spiritual master, making one realize that the presence of Guru is the greatest blessing of human life.

Q: Who can learn to chant the Guru Gita?

A: Anyone who has love and devotion for one's Guru can participate in this course.

Q: Who will be teaching the Guru Gita chanting and its meaning?

A: The lessons will be delivered by Shri Ashutosh Chawla, Head of the Vaidic Dharma Sansthan and a Vaidic Jyotish.

Q: What are the course details?

A: The Guru Gita will be available for unlimited viewing between 17th Dec, 2018 and 22nd Jan, 2019.

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