What are the Shiv Sutras?

The Shiv Sutras are
Timeless aphorisms 
that transpose you
from sound to silence,
from the scenery to the seer,
from the experience to the one who experiences,
from absent-mindedness to a blossomed awareness.

 Shiv Sutras are scriptures that help a seeker on the spiritual path to embark on an inward journey towards the Self. Grasping the essence of these Sutras, helps one to pause the continuous chain of his thoughts and calm his mind. The ancient text serves as a window to one’s soul-turning the ever indulgent mind inwards to experience the unconditional bliss. Shiv Sutras help you get established in your very Soul yet at the same time make you realize your connection with the cosmos.

Gurudev’s Discourse on the Shiv Sutras translates this ancient wisdom into deep transformative experiences that connect us to SatChitAnanada-our very core being of Unwavering Truth, Unconditional Love, Unshakable Bliss.

Shiv Sutras- The Legend

Thousands of years ago, somewhere in Kashmir, Shiva appeared to Vasugupta in a dream and said,

“On the Mahadeva mountain, the secret doctrines are inscribed in stone.
Find them there and teach them to those who deserve grace.”

Vasugupta compiled these inscriptions that the world today knows as the Shiv Sutras.

Through ages, countless seekers world over, have used these Sutras as a means to embark on an inward journey towards the Self or the Atman. Many more continue to explore the mystic realms of the inner world in the modern-day and age, with the guiding light of this timeless wisdom. The Shiv Sutras connect the individual not only to his core but also, to his ambient nature, that is, the larger cosmos or the Big Mind, thus appealing to seekers from various cultures and different walks of life, the world over.

Why listen to the Shiv Sutras?

  • Listening to the timeless wisdom of 'Shiva Sutras - the Aphorisms on Consciousness' takes you back to your true self, connects you to your true nature and helps you to discover a new you!
  • Dissolve into a space of wordlessness, rediscover the serenity within, and calm the turbulent mind with the profound wisdom of Shiv Sutras.
  • The Sutra help uncover a New You as you simply drop the excess baggage you had been carrying unconsciously. They help you reconnect to yourself well as realign/sync with nature.

Very often, we find ourselves working mechanically, doing our daily chores like clockwork-lacking liveliness and enthusiasm. Just as it is important to sleep and rest, likewise, it is imperative to take spiritual breaks to nourish your mind and the soul. Kindle the dormant source of wisdom inside you, by diving on a journey to explore the deepest mysteries/secrets of the subtle realms of consciousness.

Through the simple yet profound articulation of these deep aphorisms by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, one is able to grasp the metaphysical concepts effortlessly. Gurudev subtly takes us into the beautiful space of Being with his playful wisdom, lively wit, and deep meditations.

The Bhagavad Gita is a science and it can be used at all times. Bhagavad Gita talks about meaning of life, how to overcome grief and so on. These truths are relevant to all times, and applicable to all people. It is the giver of eternal bliss.

~ Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


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